KODIS Ltd (previous name M.Kodis PE till 2011) was established in 1993. Company is following the best traditions of Lithuanian leather craftsman. Growing assortment, new materials and equipment did not oust the traditional handwork process. Although the capacities of production are increasing the main priorities are the quality and customer satisfaction. KODIS specializes in production of prestigious hand made leather items. The constant clients of company are Office of the President of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Parliament, the State Coin Mint of Lithuania, the biggest advertising agencies and many others as well as companies form other countries.

The enterprise offers a wide assortment of products. The products range from tiny key cases, different leather wallets and notebooks to elaborate handbags and boxes for jewelry. One can buy block notes, diaries, cases for business cards, photo albums, etc. Besides, special products designed to order can be made: leather boxes for state awards, decorative folders, boxes for commemorative medals and coins and other collector’s items, leather cases for souvenirs and others. To meet the needs of our clients a big part of production is made from artificial materials. KODIS Ltd production meets the quality requirements TS 2031447-04-96 registered by Lithuanian Department of Standards.

The features of the firm are:

  • Possibility to adjust the design of the product to best fit the needs of the client;
  • Ability to make all necessary signs and imprints on our products (including logos);
  • Good quality leather of various colors;
  • Short production time;
  • High quality combined with reasonable prices for hand made products.